NAVSTA Mayport Public Border Wall Funding

Largest GoFundMe Fundraiser in history Builds the Border Wall with NAVSTA Mayport Interest

“Our mission is to unite private citizens that share a common belief in providing national security for our Southern Border through the construction, administration and maintenance of physical barriers inhibiting illegal entry into the United States. In interpreting the purpose of the Corporation, the Board of Directors and Members of the Advisory Board will consider the impact of a proposed structure on a selected site’s environment and construct barriers primarily designed to prevent illegal access to the United States, rather than cause catastrophic injury. We will focus on building portions of a U.S. Southern Border wall and manage the support operations required for, and the processes associated with, the design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of the wall.” (1)

NAVSTA Mayport Public Funds Border Wall Construction

With the largest Go Fund Me in history, individuals near NAVSTA Mayport fund the construction of the Southern border wall. People from NAVSTA Mayport can join in the public construction of the immigration wall along the Southern border by donating small amounts, totaling over $25 Million within the first 7 months of 2019. " Foreman Mike a spokesman for we build the wall told one American news that the group started its project in Sunland Park New Mexico during the Memorial Day weekend roughly one week later they secured the final segment of those steel ballers in the slopes of Mount Cristo Rey what we had to do is come from the Rio Grande which is 3744 feet above sea level we had to come up a 12 degree grade for approximately thirteen hundred and fifty feet the remainder of the wall is at 31% grade impassable by construction vehicles so we had to make revetment for all the concrete trucks we had to build side roads around the back of the mountain so the trucks can get down to the hundred and seventy five foot bumper we're actually pumping the concrete in because it's too steep for vehicles" (3)


NAVSTA Mayport Joins Brian Kolfage to Build Southern Border Wall

"In December 2018, Kolfage started an attempt to raise $1 billion via GoFundMe for the construction of a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Kolfage said the target figure was achievable, adding "This won't be easy, but it's our duty as citizens". In an email to the Washington Post, Kolfage stated that he began the fundraiser as "political games from both parties" have been holding back funding for the wall.

Within three days, over $9 million had been raised. "In January 2019, Kolfage posted a message to the GoFundMe page that he had decided that raising money through a nonprofit would be more successful. A new 501(c)(4) nonprofit was created and called We Build The Wall Inc. through which Kolfage plans to have segments of the wall privately constructed through negotiations with landowners along the border. The organization has since seen prominent politicians such as Kris Kobach and Steve Bannon take on leading roles. It has also begun construction on sections of the proposed wall. (2)"


Kris Kobach Champions Border Wall Construction for NAVSTA Mayport

"I’m working on actually building the wall on the Southern border with We Build The Wall using private funds on private lands. The group was spun off from the We Build The Wall GoFundMe account launched by Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee Air Force veteran. Kobach said that Kolfage decided to channel the millions he raised into a nonprofit entity and build the wall directly, because handing the money over to the government wouldn’t ensure that it was used for its intended purpose.

“He realized that if I just write a giant check to the federal government, there’s nothing forcing them to spend it on the wall,” Kobach explained. The original GoFundMe effort raised more than $20 million, and Kobach said nearly 95 percent of donors have agreed to channel their money into the new group.(4)"


Swap a coffee for a piece of Security

Join with other NAVSTA Mayport people concerned with community security by swapping a cup of coffee for a part of the Southern Border Wall. You can honor your country and help your NAVSTA Mayport community in less than 10 minutes.




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